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December 2014 Blood Drive Coordinator Tip

Tish Mailloux – Hero Award Winner from Mayo Clinic…

focuses on encouraging past donors to give more frequently.  They created an incentive program that provides gifts for donors who give at multiple drives during the year.  She utilizes online registration, cafeteria recruitment and email reminders as ways to break down barriers to participation. “Creating awareness about the blood drive program is the key. Keep the momentum going,” Tish said.  “Don’t let it drop when the blood drive stops.”

November 2014 Blood Drive Coordinator Tip

Rachael Witkin

Hero Award Winner from Bank of America Chandler Boulevard Campus…
encourages her colleagues to create conversation about the blood drive.  “Don’t be shy.  Get out there and ask people to give blood,” Rachael said.  She wears her Hero Award cape to her events to attract attention.  And it works because people often ask her what she’s doing with her cape on.  “Just ask.  You’ll be amazed what can happen.”