Maximize the Impact of Your Donation

By taking a little extra time to give an automated MAX donation, you can better serve hospital patient’s needs by targeting the specific blood components needed most.  

Advanced blood collection technology at Vitalant lets donors give the optimum combination of blood components based on current patient need and the donor’s blood type.

In all automated donations, your whole blood goes into a machine where the blood components are separated. A self-contained, one-time-use “blood donation kit” is used for every automated donation to ensure the process is completely closed and no blood touches the machine parts, making the process 100% safe for every donor.

During the automated process, certain blood components are separated out and stored in transfusion bags (part of the kit), while other components are returned to you, along with some saline solution. Most automated donations take a smaller blood volume from donors than whole blood donations.

For more information about giving a MAX Donation, see the front desk at your Vitalant donor center. Schedule your appointment online as a Power Red or Platelet donation at