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High School Challenge News!

High School Luncheon & Training Session – WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 

Learn how to make the most out of your blood drives and celebrate your school’s life-saving achievements at our annual Luncheon & Training Session! All schools are invited to join us for a fun-filled day at the ballpark. During the training session, we’ll be sharing tips and tricks to help you and your students make your blood drives a success using interactive games and presentations. The second half of the event will be a luncheon and awards banquet to honors each school for their accomplishments from the previous year and inspires everyone to make their blood drives even bigger and better. The highlight of the event will be the opportunity for students to hear from a blood recipient whose life has been saved by blood donors.

Look for your official invitation to be sent out via email in mid-August. Hope to see you and your students there!


2015-16 Scholarship Winner Announced!

Congratulations to Donna Morrison of Round Valley High School for being named our 2015-16 “Spirit of Giving” Scholarship Recipient!


Donna joined the blood drive committee during her first year of student council and immediately felt connected to the mission of saving lives. She displays a true love of helping others and plans to attend ASU in the fall to pursue her degree in nursing . She hopes to specialize as a nurse in the operating room, where she will witness the impact of life-saving blood transfusions every day. “The most noteworthy lesson I have received from being on my school’s blood drive committee is how doing something fairly simple can drastically help someone else. It is amazing that everyone is saving lives in the very gym we hold our blood drives. Our drives could save all the people in a huge car pileup who have lost huge amounts of blood, or could save a child with cancer at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital. Through service such as volunteering and donating at blood drives, we can save lives and make a difference.”  Congratulations Donna! We’re proud to have you represent UBS!

Congratulations Donna! We’re proud to have you represent United Blood Services. To learn more about our scholarship program CLICK HERE!

Congratulations To Our Award Winning High Schools! 

The 2015-16 High School Blood Drive Challenge Champions were honored on April 28 at Chase Field during the Arizona Diamondbacks game! Students and staff from all over the state enjoyed a night filled with fun and baseball in recognition of their lifesaving efforts. The Division and top award winning schools had the once-in-a-lifetime experience of walking on the field during the pre-game ceremony as they were introduced to the crowd.

Our congratulations go out to all our award winners and to all the students and faculty who are finding the hero in themselves and making blood donation a priority in their schools. Thank you on behalf of the thousands of patients you have helped!


For questions about the High School Challenge, please contact Denise Gotcher, Program Coordinator at 480-675-5642 or via email at dgotcher@bloodsystems.org