Have You Checked Out “The Hero in Me” Rewards Program?

09-Promo-HeroinMe-LogoIn February, 2009—already four years ago—United Blood Services launched its donor loyalty program called The Hero in Me. Convenient to use, the program tracks donations and health information. It also offers a great rewards store.  All donors are automatically enrolled following their first donation.  Once enrolled, you will receive a secure online account with a personal login. When you login, you have access to all the benefits of the program designed to enhance your donation experience and, more importantly, to thank you for your selfless lifesaving blood donation.

If you haven’t checked it out in a while, take a minute and login at BloodHero.com and click on the “Donor Program” link.  On this webpage you can see   all the elements and benefits of the plan, including a Frequently Asked Question section.

At the heart of the program are the three reward levels: Bronze if you’ve donated once in a year; Silver if you’ve donated twice; and Gold if you donated three or more time a year.  The chart below offers an overview of the benefits in each level.himawardlevels

Probably the most popular benefit of the Hero in Me program is the Wellness information that is kept in your individual account.  Here you will find vital health information taken each time you donate blood that includes your total cholesterol level, blood pressure, pulse, pulse regularity, hemoglobin level, temperature, body mass index, height and weight.

Many of our donors enjoy the Reward Store.  When you give blood, you earn points that may be redeemed for rewards like movie tickets, T-shirts and more.  Below is a list of how you can accumulate your Reward Points:himearnpoints

And here are the rewards you can earn when you reach specific Reward Points level:himpointvaluesIf you choose, you may donate your points back to United Blood Services in blocks of 200, for which we are very grateful.

Please note: Your points may be used any time during the 24 months after you earn them. Unused points become non-redeemable at the beginning of the 25th month after the date they were awarded.

We know there is only one benefit that you truly care about when donating blood: the knowledge that it saves the lives of hospital patients needing a blood transfusion.  We hope that you will use and enjoy the many benefits of the Hero in Me program as a token of United Blood Services’ unending appreciation for Finding the Hero in You.

If you have any questions or need assistance with logging in or registering for the Hero in Me Rewards program, please call 1-877-UBS-HERO (827-4376).

Schedule your next appointment online,
or by calling 1-877-UBS-HERO (827-4376).

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